Pierre Duranleau (aka Cafargo)

The cold war, the space race, the techno-industrial age, genetic mutation, apocalyptic landscapes and the supernatural, are but some of the main themes that artist Pierre Duranleau (aka Cafargo) experiments with in his work. He creates works that are all-together serious, thoughtful, foreboding, cynical,  and whimsical. Duranleau adopts a multi-disciplinary approach as a means of expression that covers a wide range of media: from traditional 2D graphics to 3D computer animation, while delving into site-specific interventions and constructions. The Duke of Fligmah

Duranleau uses media as a laboratory of sorts, synthesizing ideas and concepts to create a new form of mythology and narrative more in touch, as the Artist puts it, “with the technological lunacy of our time”.  Reflected in the Artist’s repertoire one could find industrial age artefacts, chemical and occult symbols, hybrid techno-devices, fantastic mutated figures and techno-abstractions, with works bearing titles such as the Refrigerated-Rocket-Launching-Baby-Carriage, the Stealth BBQ, the Mutant hand of Spendakov and The Shroud or Morgo: creative works that are by-products inspired from the curious and unhealthy machinations of a technologically driven and trapped culture.


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