Grishenko – Illustrated Novel

The following sketches, drawings and concepts, are studies intended for the Grishenko illustrated novel project. The project is in the early conceptual phase of production and much of the writing will be developed in a stream of consciousness format. The ‘story’ and ‘plot’,  as a result, will strive for a non-linear narrative approach designed more for a digital media presentation and audience.

The general premise for the novel involves the narrator, Grishenko, who gradually loses his ‘humanity’ through a series of body-altering modification operations, whereby our main protagonist’s body and organs are eventually replaced by artificial mechanisms, genes and chemicals. Grishenko, as a result, must wear a specialized organo-synthetic environment suit to maintain his life-support system. The crux of the plot concerns Grishenko’s recounting of the last 300 hundred years of his life and how mankind radically transformed from a free (will) society to a prison-planet world (i.e. the fall of man). An alternative historical journey, the novel represents a spiritual/philosophical/psychedelic/transformative journey of one ‘man’, a post-human mutant, acting as it were as a metaphor for the inevitable demise and dystopian plight of mankind.

Pierre Duranleau – Montréal, 2016